Can I start an online coaching business with no social media presence?

People often ask us whether they can make a success of online coaching without having a social media presence.

There are a few reasons why this question might come up. Sometimes, people are paralysed by choice when it comes to social media platforms. They’re not quite sure what they should be doing. And what’s a waste of time.

There is no easy, risk-free option

Organic growth can be difficult, so relying on this might feel like you’re on a bit of a hamster wheel. But it can also be hard to know where to turn for advice, or how to make good use of social media advertising to help you grow your audience.

This uncertainty can stop people from taking any action at all.

Because they’re looking for an easy, risk-free option that’s definitely going to work.

But the truth is, there’s no way of accessing something that:

  • costs no money
  • takes up no time
  • works without you trying
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Why are you asking the question?

Our program helps you go from no clients, to your first client to your first 10 clients, then takes you through setting up the group program and the systems that will help you build the underlying growth.

But before you get started, you have to ask yourself this:

Why are you asking the question in the first place?

Are you asking it because you’re serious about moving online and want to make the best start?

Or is it just one more obstacle to put in the way while you flirt with the idea of moving online?

So, start by asking why you don’t have much of a presence on social media.

Plenty of people are afraid of failing if they fully commit to moving to online coaching (and you can’t fail if you don’t start).

Maybe you genuinely are weighing up the pros and cons of different channels and finding out where your niche likes to hang out.

But most likely, you’re a bit scared of executing your plans.

It might help to think about how you’d respond as a coach to a client who’s struggling to take the right actions in order to meet their goals.

What you can do next

If this is something that has pressed a button in you, you might want to take a look at this video:

It outlines the ten common characteristics of people aren’t successful of our programme. But luckily, they’re all things you can do something about.

Remember: It’s likely that you’re more than capable of getting your client a good result. And that’s half the battle. It’s the internal self-talk that often gets in the way of people getting their online business off the ground.

Building a business is about:

  • putting time and money behind your venture
  • taking risks

It’s also about your ability to tolerate uncertainty. The better you are at this, the better the business will do. Because making progress towards an outcome will involve consistent work. And it won’t always be easy.

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How we can help

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