Can you make £10K a month as an online coach?

By Johnny and Yusef

In the fitness business world, everyone talks about making 10K, 20K, or 30K months. 

It’s easy to get drawn in by the impressive numbers and the flashy lifestyle the high ticket coaches seem to have.

But, is that really what we want? Or are we just drawn in by the flashy marketing?

Stability and Predictability

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What if we told you you could make £10K in one month… but that you’d have no idea how much you’d bring in the following month, or the month after that?

And you have to live full-time on whatever income your business generates.

Not so appealing now. Instead, it’s a recipe for:

  • stress
  • resenting the business
  • maybe even leaving the online coaching world entirely 

Back in 2016, we both decided to leave finance and banking firms to pursue online fitness coaching.And because we were serious about doing this full-time, we only cared about two things:

Stability and predictability.

Because with these two things comes:

  • Relaxation – and not having to worry about where your next customer is coming from
  • The ability to focus on projects
  • The ability to scale your business

We did care about how much we earned, and how to grow our income. But we wanted to make sure we could pay ourselves consistently, and be able to forecast what to expect next month.

And next year.

The Model

To satisfy these two things, we created a model for other personal trainers that consists of an Instagram ad, a 14-day challenge, a six-week front-end program, and then a back-end recurring monthly offer.

This model has helped us scale our business without worrying about where our next customer is coming from. 

How it Works

Using the model, you can predict almost exactly how much you’ll make next month.

Let’s say you’ve been using the process that we teach for eight months, and you now have 55 clients in your online group coaching program.

Each are paying £100 a month.

To be on the safe side, let’s factor in around three customers leaving in a month. This is pessimistic, but it’s good to make sure you’re working with realistic numbers. 

Even then, you can still expect 52 clients, which brings in £5,200 a month. 

With an ad spend of £800 generating around 320 leads, and a 14-day challenge that converts at 4%, you can expect 12 new clients at £147 each.

That’s an extra £1764, which is more than double what you spent on the ads.

As a bonus, you’ll still continue to bring in revenue from the previous month’s ad spend. Because around 8 of those 12 clients will continue with your recurring programme at £100. This will bring in another £800.

So, all in all, from:

  • Your 52 clients
  • The new sales generated from your ad spend
  • The £800 recurring income from your previous month’s ad spend

You should end up bringing in around £7,700 a month. 

Even after subtracting around £800 on Facebook ads and roughly £150 on software, that’s a pretty good profit of £6,800. 

This isn’t just a guess. This is using a data track from eight months of consistent marketing. 

The Benefits

Using this model, you can:

  • forecast your business growth
  • have a clear prediction for next month

Knowing these things will also help you improve your strategies to grow the business, and have a plan for what you have to change if you don’t have enough leads or if too many clients cancel.

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