A Day in the Life of an Online Personal Trainer

What does a day of full time online coaching actually look like?

Prior to venturing into this world full time, I had no idea at all. It’s something that not that many people really talk about – especially what happens when your business reaches a certain size.

Spolier: It doesn’t involve sipping margaritas on the beach in Bali. We actually enjoy running and growing our business, we enjoying delivering an amazing service to our clients.

Personal training on a gym floor is all about trading your time for money. Usually this time is before 10 am and after 6pm. That is less than ideal, because it’s usually when all your non-personal trainer friends are free. Online, you can make things work differently. 

I just put together a new video that covers the 6 core tasks I do every day (Mon-Friday) that take around 4 hours from start to finish and why I put my focus on these tasks.

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The EXACT process we used to build PropaneFitness to 15k/month: