DON’T use sales calls as an online coach

When it comes to selling online personal training packages, we have one rule:

Don’t use sales calls unless you absolutely have to.

And by this, we mean:

If your product is so complex and specific that it’s easier to filter people out through an application process rather than send them to a sales page.

Here’s why.

Who uses sales calls (and why you shouldn’t have to)

So, why do some people rely on sales calls?

Usually, it’s because what they’re charging is so high above the market average that they have to get on a call and press people’s pain points / dig into their fears to bring them over the line.

A photo of someone making a sales call

If you want to run a business like that, it’s totally your choice. But we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s not much longevity in working this way.

You’ll often find business calls being used in business-to-business scenarios by business gurus with no personal training background. And trying to teach what’s working in their own marketing consulting business doesn’t translate very well into fitness programmes.

What we teach

The approach that we teach at Propane Fitness is the 14-day automated sales sequence. Generally, what you’re selling is a 6- to 12-week programme priced from £150 to £1000, but we’d actually recommend starting on the lower end of that for efficiency and conversions.

And you sell it through 14 days of specifically sequenced content designed to handle people’s limiting beliefs and objections. This is all done in an automated way, and it’s not attached to your time.

We’ve seen this model work again and again in different areas of fitness. And once you’ve got it working, you can put 30, 50, 100, or even 300 people into the top of the funnel and it predictably spits out a certain number of conversions at the bottom.

Imagine signing up five to ten clients in a single day without speaking to anyone one-to-one.

Compare that to the number of hours that you’d need if you were using a sales call model to sign up the same number of people.

Quite often, people from our business mentoring programme are signing up more people than they ever have before just in the test run of their 14-day sequence.

The best thing is that once it works once, it keeps working.

That’s because it’s 14 days of your best content, which has been validated. You’re not having to constantly create new versions of things to post on Instagram to keep the algorithm happy.

Instead, you know that the system’s working and all you need to do to grow your business is put more people into the top of the funnel.

How do we do this?

The way we achieve results again and again – and reliably – is through running ads. These also generate cash on the back end.

Compare this to posting on social media every day, messaging everyone who engages and trying to get them onto a sales call, all while maybe converting one person.

There’s no comparison.

Find out more about what we do

If you’d like to see how this works in full detail, we have a free training video below that takes you behind the scenes of our online business. Visit the link here to download it.

And if you want to work with us more closely get some help implementing it all, you can always book a call here to have a chat with us.

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