We Help Personal Trainers Achieve Financial Independence With Online Coaching Systems

Online PT Insights: Break Free From the Gym Floor

Learn the new model of selling online fitness coaching that doesn’t require a huge following and hours of free content.

How to compete against huge brands and influencers even if you don’t currently have an audience.

The exact marketing strategy we used to bring in 3,000+ clients, plus the exact steps of the funnel we’re currently running.

"My revenue has quadrupled: £1700/month to £6000 in about 6 weeks, which is mental. Absolutely mental. I've been able to quit my job. I can't explain how happy this makes me"
Dan G
Personal trainer turned online coach

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How To Build An Online Fitness Business, Flood It With High Quality Customers And Replace Your Income With Online Coaching In The Next 12 Months Without Becoming An Online Celebrity

The Propane coaching model
I didn't want to be a 2-page-PDF-coach. Propane helped me build a product I believe in. I've also gone from nothing to $3000/month in 12 weeks.
A photo of a personal trainer with clients
Jason Goggans
Personal Trainer
A photo of Propane Fitness founders Johnny (top) and Yusef (bottom)

Hi. We're Jonny & Yusef

We work with PTs who are tired of trying to get clients online on the social media hamster wheel. 

We’ve made every mistake in the book running PropaneFitness over the last 11 years, and we’re here to save you the headache.

Our expertise will help you gain a consistent flow of hot leads and the most efficient coaching systems to serve your clients, even if you aren’t an insta-celeb-slimming-tea-influencer.

On second thoughts… if you sell slimming tea, body wraps or MLM powders, you’re banned.

Why should you listen to us?

Define the goal. Break down the actions & knowledge needed to achieve the goal.
Then, the key question is “Who is taking that action and achieving that goal?” Learn from them.

Struggling with early mornings, late nights and last minute cancellations - trading time for money just to work in an industry you love?

Want to build a brand that last and allows them to work with your ideal clients – where, when and how you want? 

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