How to beat Impostor Syndrome as an online coach

Impostor syndrome affects all of us. The deeper we go in a field, the more we realise how much we don’t know.

Often, the people who deserve to have impostor syndrome don’t have it (obliviously ignorant, mount stupid) and those who do, needn’t (valley of despair).

That is to say, there’s 2 types of people who suffer from this:

1 – People who THINK they have impostor syndrome, but actually they’re just an impostor and need to master their craft.

2 – Experts who have true impostor syndrome and are in the valley of despair

But don’t be fooled. ‘The way out is through’, and for most of us, the following applies:

But you’re a master of your craft, I know you are. So how do you get on top of it? Here I explain the link between impostor syndrome, procrastination and overwhelm, and what you can do as an online coach to finally beat it:

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