Podcast: Branding And Niche

Your brand and your chosen niche can be the big divider between your success and failure in the online fitness world. The niche you choose becomes the problem you spend your waking days solving. Just like a plumber helps people with broken pipes, a vertical jump coach for college athletes helps college athletes jump higher.

Your branding is the way you communicate effectively with that niche. It’s the tone of voice of your content, the texture of the product that you put out there into the online world. It’s a mixture of persona, aesthetics and copy. At its most effective it communicates succinctly why you are the best solution to your niche’s problems and pain points.

The way you position your business in relation to the market basically informs all of your activity as a fitness business owner. It’s very important. But people often get it wrong.

Typical roadblocks when defining a brand include:

  • Overthinking your name and your logo
  • Trying to copy someone else who has seen demonstrable success
  • Having a watered-down generic voice
  • Not matching your brand with the market it’s trying to serve
  • Not matching your brand with your own authentic self

Niching also come with its hurdles. Some of those are:

  • Being scared of being ‘too specific’
  • Going with what you think is going to make you the most money because it has the most people in it
  • Going with ‘conventional wisdom’
  • Failing to match the brand with the niche once it has been chosen.

To kick off this new series called ‘How To Start An Online Fitness Business’ Jonny and Alex cover the intricacies of creating a strong brand, how to know when you have a good name for your fitness offering, how to use specific pain points and desired results to inform your marketing, and how the brand power of Apple led to Alex to rummage through trash bags at 6 in the morning after staying up all night writing a college essay.

Listen to the episode below:

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