3 Reading Habits That Are Hindering Your Growth

Reading is an incredibly powerful tool.

In almost all cases, those who are the most successful in business and in life regularly read books. Good books are the culmination of years, sometimes decades, of work and in several hours they allow us access to the wisdom of those accumulated years. It can be argued that reading is the most cost effective way of improving your knowledge base and skillset. However, it can also be a be a tool of procrastination and distraction.  

With the self-improvement effects of reading well established there has spawned a subculture of hustle-porn related to the consumption of books. If you’ve been on Youtube you’ve probably come across Tai Lopez, a meme of a man who promised that the secret to untold riches lay in being able to speed-read. He built a multi-million dollar business off the back of that concept ‘read a book a day’, which is great for him.

However, true learning comes from actually sitting with and absorbing carefully curated information, not just cramming the next thing on the business bestsellers list into your short-term memory. This isn’t to say that reading more books will be a net negative it’s just that like everything else, the reality is more nuanced.

In this episode of the podcast me and Yusef dive into the most common mistakes people make when trying to improve their lives by reading, and also cover some tips for refining your reading process. We discuss active recall, just-in-case learning, forcing yourself to read, re-reading and more.

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