S2E24 Chris ‘Breezy’ Brown: Fix your internal world to become a profitable online coach

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Chris is a friend and old coach of ours, he helped us overcome a plateau in switching to online group coaching in 2016. Here we discuss his story and some mindset lessons for growing your online fitness business:

  • “Business as a vessel for personal growth disguised as a money-making scheme”: How much of business is mindset?
  • Experience with psychotherapy
  • Biggest mistakes PT make
  • Valuable daily practices
    • Physical transformation = Business transformation

[07:12 – 14:16] Coaches Struggle to Deal With Clients Leaving

how there is a trend of people using their phone’s microphone instead of actual headphones when filming or recording videos.

how this trend has become a status symbol and how it can be harmful to one’s career.

how coaches need to be careful when breaking relationships with their clients in order to maintain trust and respect.

[14:16 – 21:15] The Fear of Loss Increases As Your Business Grows

• Business can be emotionally challenging, with many parallels to personal life.

• To be successful, businesses need to clear out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

  • Maintaining focus

[21:16 – 29:02] How to Avoid the Scarcity Mindset That Can Ruin Your Business

Anxiety is “inherently required for success” and that people who don’t have anxiety are employees, not entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial mind is “f&ck this, everything is on me.”

When if a business fails, it affects the individual as well.

Finding a therapist

[29:02 – 36:33] Trauma

• Trauma is just like a deep emotional response to a situation.

[36:33 – 43:28] How to make your investments pay off

• There are four cups that a trainer must fill in order to grow: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

• Most people’s belief

• It can be hard for clients to understand that an investment has an ROI, as most trainers operate with a “take it or leave it” mentality.

[43:28 – 51:20] How to Achieve Massive Physique Changes While Still Living a Non-Conscious Life

• Chris discusses how his mindset and understanding of fitness and nutrition has changed over the last three years, transforming his body and becoming more consistent in his training.

• He emphasizes the importance of having a non-negotiable goal that is not based on arbitrary decisions or emotional attachments, and outlines how this mentality has helped him achieve success in other areas of his life.

[51:20 – 58:12] How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

[58:13 – 05:31] How to Meditate for 20 Minutes Every Day

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