Should you still maintain some one-to-one clients when moving online?

We’re often asked whether we’d recommend working exclusively online.

Or, is it better to maintain some one-to-one clients when transitioning to online coaching?

Some coaches like to have a few people that they enjoy working with while they’re making the switch. So, what would we recommend?

The benefits of online coaching

We operate fully online. But it’s unbelievable how many people are working towards the online model to remove the financial pressures of a face-to-face business.

So many people who coach clients face-to-face don’t stay in the industry as long as they could because:

  • they’re underpaid for what they do
  • they feel burnt out by their lifestyle

They’re waking up at 5am to get to a gym, and are limited to only working with clients who are in the same area as them.

When you compare this to the flexibility and opportunities that online coaching can create, you can see why it’s so appealing to make the switch.

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The thing we love most about online coaching is knowing that when you log off, everything can keep running without you.

This turns working online into quite a rewarding experience, compared to being limited to only getting stuff done when you’re physically with clients. And it also gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

You don’t have to do it all at once

But you can do it gradually.

Starting with your first five or ten one-to-one online clients for £150-200 a month will:

  • bring in some basic income
  • allow you to pull back on your offline hours
  • free up some time in the week to build your recurring group offer.

This all allows you to spend time building systems that do the automated delivery for you. One this is in place, you can start:

  • pulling the lever on your marketing engine
  • getting more clients through the door
  • getting more leads
  • scaling up your business
  • Some people worry that online coaching won’t offer as much stability as offline coaching. And of course it won’t if you’re running your business by posting on social media and hoping it does well. Or banking on a certain number sales calls converting into clients.

The main reason we teach our 14-day sequence, and encourage you to get lots of recurring clients (rather than a few high-ticket clients) is that it creates certainty.

You’ll have the security of knowing how much income you can expect from regular clients.

So, should you keep some of your offline clients?

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Building up regular income from online clients will give you the freedom to maintain some offline one-to-one clients, if you’d like to. Just make sure the face-to-face stuff doesn’t become a crutch.

You should get to the point where financially, you won’t need to work with offline clients, once you have a mid-ticket recurring model up-and-running. It’s all about what your week looks like and how you want to work.

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