What do you do if your sales are converting TOO well?

Are you finding that demand for your product is too high?

Here are a few things you can do if you’re struggling to find the time to generate leads and grow your online fitness business to the next level.

But before we get into it, ask yourself this:

Where are you getting your leads from?

Try speaking to the people who have already bought from you. Find out what convinced them to get in touch with you in the first place.

Was it your sales process, or were they already sold on some of your content? Whatever it is you’re doing right, scale that up.

Let ads take care of conversion

Once you have a sales process that works, chances are you’ve got the sales conversion sorted.

Running ads takes care of the conversion part for you.

Even if conversion drops a bit, as long as you pay less per lead than you generate (or even the same), this will work out profitable long-term.

And if you already have a high conversion rate, you can afford for this to drop a bit in favour of getting more people through the door.

Allocate your time to the right things ⌚️

Think about what you can you take away from the process, while making it’s all still working well.

You will take a hit on those who might have bought, but needed more time and attention to get there. But use the extra time to develop your processes so that everything runs more smoothly.

If we’re working with someone who has a challenge operating at large scale, we look at how to increase automation.

Conversion might take a slight hit, but automation frees up your time to focus your attention elsewhere, like:

  • creating new content
  • building automations
  • building other sales funnels to help generate even more revenue

If you need to convince someone to buy your product, you haven’t done your job properly.

We try to make our own content as fun and valuable as possible.

This way, when we speak to you it’s not so much a sales call as a chance to see whether we can help you with your problem.

If you’re running your online business well, the sales call should be your chance to make sure a potential client is a good fit for your programme.

And if you need to convince someone over the phone to buy your product, you haven’t done your job properly.

Because the rest of the system up to that point should have done this job for you.

Think about your pricing 💵

Some people will choose to increase their price, while still providing an affordable service.

This might lead to fewer conversions but generate more revenue,

And this also allows you to spend more on things like hiring more coaches to support you.

14 day challenge

Our 14 day challenge walks you through the process you can go through to help convert someone from a lead to a client. You can find out more about how this works in the video here 👇🏻

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