Why business “gurus” are misleading you

A photo of someone making a sales call
Online business gurus will tell you that sales calls and DMs are key to generating a large income.
But does this work?

Every second or third post on Instagram is from a business guru these days.

You’ll see the same message over and over again.

They’ll tell you can much they can help you earn per month.

This used to be “six figures”, but now it’s “£10K a month”…

As though that’s the magical amount of income that will change everything.

Is it appealing? Yes. Is it possible? Yes.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem isn’t hitting £10K in one month.

It’s hitting £10K every month.

These gurus will tell you to post several times a day on social media and swear by sales calls.

They’ll tell you to reach out to potential clients through DMS and sell a 12-week coaching programme for £1K.

But what they don’t talk about is the reality of quarterly and annual business performance, profit margins and revenue per hour.

The first month might be fairly easy.

You’re excited to try something new and your audience probably haven’t seen the new style of content before.

If you’re lucky, you might get 20-30 calls booked and close ten sales, bringing your income for that month to £10K.

So, you’ve brought in £10k a month. But what happens next?

A photo of someone taking cash from a wallet
So you’ve made your £10K… but what happens when the sales calls and DMs stop working?

Unless you’re gaining 1-2K followers each month, you’ll exhaust that audience pretty quickly.

The problem with Instagram is that everyone looks as though they’re doing really well for themselves. It’s easy to create this illusion when so many online personal trainers follow the same handful of people.

But even the most successful online coaches will struggle to grow their audience that quickly.

If sales calls and DMs stop working – and let’s face it, if you’re using a high-ticket business model, you’ll struggle to find repeat clients – that £10K a month will quickly turn into £10K over six months.

Not quite as appealing!

At Propane, we use mid-ticket pricing, and it’s an approach that has worked for us.


Because if a client is charged a price they find reasonable, and we’re getting them the results they want, they’re more likely to keep coming back.

And it works better for the coach, too.

Because you need to know that you can bring in enough reliable income to switch to online coaching full-time.

Find out more about generating a reliable income through online coaching.

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