Why “cheap leads” aren’t the answer

By Johnny and Yusef

It’s a well-know fact that in online coaching, without new leads every week, your business will eventually die.

This is why you’ll often hear online coaching talking about wanting “cheap leads”. But we’re going to explain why we’d rather generate expensive leads in our business.

Why you need ads

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You can’t rely on posting content every day and hoping the right people will see it.

You might be able to last a while with a core body of customers and referrals, but this will only go so far.

And it won’t help you generate a customer when you need one.

Online businesses really need to be paying for advertising in some form.

Relying on posting content every day and hoping people will see it just doesn’t cut it.

Whichever platform you use, you’ll need to start paying for clicks at some point to stand a chance.

The smart way to spend your ad budget

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Unless you have a big pot of cash, you’ll only be able to spend money on ads if you’re making at least what you spend back.

Your return on investment is the only figure that matters.

Who cares what your lead cost is if you’re not getting any return on what you spend?

This is why cheap leads aren’t the answer.

What you need is a process to convert leads into clients, reliably.

What to do next

If you need help creating this process, you can book in a call with us to see how we can help.

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