Closing sales

“Getting good at sales is the skill which guarantees that whatever else is going badly in your life, at least you won’t go hungry”. 

Now you have some warm leads, thanks to our (incredible) guide. These people are in your world, and it’s time to serve them with the best offering for them.

The journey:

Problem aware → Solution aware → Product aware

You’re taking someone from aware that they have a problem, to aware that a solution exists, to being sold on the fact that you are the best solution for them. 

This process requires that you and your offering tick 6 boxes in their mind:

✅️ Reciprocity Giving value
✅️ LikeabilityBe relatable, be vulnerable. 
✅️ ConsistencyDo what you said you would do.
✅️ Social Proof Show testimonials of people you’ve helped before.
✅️ ScarcityMake it clear that you have a limited client rota.
✅️ AuthorityDemonstrate that you know your shit.

A to B

At it’s core, you’re helping somebody to:

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Perform better

Get specific about who and how you’re helping. This is not a motivational exercise. This is a sales exercise. When you are clear on this, the sales will flow.

The purpose of your content is to help people go from A to B for free.

The purpose of your coaching is to help people go from A to B faster for a fee.

The purpose of the sales process is to convince someone that you are the best option to help them to go from A to B.

This also means that you would be doing them a disservice by selling them any MORE or LESS than they need.

How to become a sale-closing machine

So, taking the 6 factors we’ve seen above, here’s how to turn that into something actionable:

✅️ Reciprocity Do not be afraid of giving away the good stuff in your content. Share your trade secrets. It buys your audience’s trust. (Just like this article)
✅️ LikeabilityTalk about your own journey and struggles in your content. Don’t try to paint a perfect picture. Know, like and trust.
✅️ ConsistencyShow that you live the advice that you give.
✅️ Social Proof Collect testimonials like pokemon cards, and blast them on your social media and content.
✅️ ScarcityTime-sensitive offers, or limited spots on your programme. You have to deliver on this.
✅️ AuthorityShow that you can solve their problem.

Objection handling

Objections are simply fear. Figure out what is the underlying worry that somebody is voicing. Then you can address it either directly, or through your content. When you have created a bank of content that addresses the top 10 common objections to your signing up with your programme, you have a goldmine of links you can send a prospect when an objection surfaces.

For example:

  • He doesn’t know what it’s like to be overweight‘ → Talk about your own struggle with weight loss. Show photos & be vulnerable about your headspace at the time. If you haven’t been overweight, showcase results of others you have helped. The key is to show that you understand what they’re going through.
  • ‘It’s too expensive’ → One of our favourites. Usually said by someone who is spending £80/month on useless supplements, and £200/month on alcohol. What they’re really saying is ‘I’m not sure the programme will work for me’. So then what? De-risk them. Ask if that £280/month is getting them any closer to their goals? Why not at least try substituting your supplement bill for your coaching bill for 8 weeks and see what happens to your physique. Maybe you didn’t need the preworkouts after all.

How you buy is how you sell

Closing note: When I got over my own personal hangups around ‘paying for coaching’, I noticed I was much more able to sell things with congruence and authenticity. This isn’t woo-woo stuff. You’re simply projecting your insecurities on your sleeve. So pay attention to how you buy things.

Whether you like it or not, that will reflect into how you sell.

Are you always asking for discounts?

Are you always deliberating over decisions?

Are you always asking for the split-pay options?

Expect that you will get that kind of thing reflected back to you.

When you get out of your own way, and start making decisive moves to buy what you need, and pay upfront to solve your problems, then you will see that you attract similar prospects into your life.

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