Do you have loads of systems but no business strategy?

By Johnny and Yusef

A photo of Propane Fitness founders, Johnny and Yusef

‘I have loads of systems set up…but I still feel like I don’t have a strategy to build my business.’

Sound familiar?

It’s all very well having a tight system for posting to social media…but it’s worthless without a full marketing plan for the year.

It’s great having a system to deal with client check ins…but it means nothing if you don’t know where your next round of clients are coming from.

Let alone how you’d deal with ten more.

It’s all about context

Systems and automation are great, but they need to be part of a bigger picture to work.

You need to think about the context of what you’re building.

And why you’re building it.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about the finer details of your business… and to forget the most important thing:

Getting results for your client.

Because that’s what’s going to guarantee long-term success.

How we can help

A photo of Propane founders, Yusef and Johnny

Setting up a successful online business that lasts more than a few months takes hard work and determination.

We know. Because we’ve been through it.

When we were finding our way as online personal trainers, the thing we found hardest was finding help from someone who’d already been through the process of setting up their own business.

We always say that you will pay for something either with money, or with your time.

And time is something you can’t get back.

Speaking to someone who has already been through that learning process will help you get to where you want to be so much faster.

They’ve made all the mistakes already, so that you don’t have to.

What to do next

When we work with our PropaneBusiness clients, we share the systems we use to consistently generate clients and deliver coaching in a leveraged way.

And we actually do what we teach.

If you’re ready to speak to us about how we can help you grow your online business, you can book a call with us here.

If you’re not quite ready to book a call, but would like to know more about the systems we used to build PropaneBusiness, you can download a free training video here.

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