Exactly how we’d start PropaneFitness again

“It’s easy for you guys, you have cash, clients and all the software you need”

^ This was an email I got yesterday.

And you know what…fair enough.

I think the same thing about our mentors sometimes.

Those who are spending £80k/month on ads, speaking about numbers, revenue, problems and situations I can’t even fathom.

Sometimes, coaches can lose their relatability.

In this email, I want to share exactly what I’d do if Yusef and I were forced to start again from today, knowing what I know now.

For this, I’m assuming:
1. I have no website, no software, no tools.
2. I’m funding this out of my regular 9-5 income.
3. I’m working in evenings and on weekends to make it happen.

OK, here we go.

Step 1:
Using only free tools (Social media, Mailchimp and Google drive) I’d start to research and gather some data on my target customer.

I’d also probably speak to a few friends, colleagues and try to get a clear picture on how I’d actually be able to help them.

What problem are they trying to solve with their health and fitness, what are they currently trying, is it working? what’s good and bad about it?

Step 2:
I’d use this information to build out a “customer journey” with bits of content, videos and emails.

My imaginary clients are at point “A” and I want to get them to point “B” (working with me). What do I have to do to make that happen. What can I say to present me and my services as the answer.

I’d forget everything else (website, programmes, apps etc etc) and JUST build this for 2 weeks straight.

I’d build:
7-14 days of content
7-14 days of email
A short webinar style pitch
An offer for my new programme
A sensible price structure
A name for the customer journey (Kickstart / blueprint / challenge / overhaul), whatever makes sense for our audience.

*Again – I’ve not spent a penny on software or tools here.

Step 3:
Using our “Market Pressure Method”

( <<< I’m not sharing the deets on that, you’ll have to sign up for PropaneBusiness if you want this! ;)) I’d promote the customer journey using free social media posts for 2 weeks.

Step 4: Sell

With 50-100 people in the process, I’d aim to sell a £147-247, 8 week group coaching programme to 3-5% of the participants and generate £700-1200 of cash collected. 

Step 5: Pilot intake

With this first intake of clients, I’d build and refine my online programme to suit their exact needs. This will allow me to make a programme bespoke to them (not just what I think they need) and will allow me to really stand out as a coach in that niche. 

Step 6: 
If I get 5 customers and £1200 from 100 leads that means that every lead is worth £12. 

So, I’d go to an Facebook and Insta and run some ads to the customer journey I’d built and proven to work. 

I know that on average I generate £12 for every lead, so if I spend £3-4 per lead – I make a profit. 

Step 7: Deliver a corking experience

The whole idea of the 8 week programme is to deliver a great experience and get as many of the clients to continue working with me after 8 weeks as possible. I’d offer a continuation rate of £99/month and try to built this recurring revenue as high as possible. 

I’d repeat step 6 and 7 over and over again until I hit my desired client numbers. 

That 7 step process is the exact setup we take clients through when they join PropaneBusiness. 

And, frankly, it just works. 

And frankly, it just works.

I see it work every single day inside our PB community. 

And now you have the steps to follow yourself! 

The thing is (you probably already know this). Success doesn’t come from having the right theory and strategy. 

It comes from:

  • Avoiding the infinite possible mistakes you can make at each stage.
  • Benefiting from best practice and experience of seeing what does and doesn’t work. 
  • Having worked examples and tested funnels to model and copy. 
  • Getting objective advice from those who have been where you are and are where you desire to be. 

Finally – I would avoid AT ALL COSTS thinking that I was a special snowflake who can succeed without help and figure it all out on my own. 

As someone who tried (and failed) to do that for several years before swallowing my ego and hiring a coach – I can confirm it’s alway costs MORE long term to not get help. 


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