How to set business goals for the new year

Setting Business Goals…Why Bother?

It’s here. 

The first Monday of 2022. 

From today, many of us will be starting new habits, routines and chasing after new goals. 

It’s new, motivating and exciting. 

I know a lot of coaches make fun of those who set goals at this time of year claiming that there’s nothing different between January 3rd and March 3rd…and I agree…but I still use this time of year to my advantage. 

At Propane we have a goal of increasing the revenue of the business by ~40% each year. 

There’s no real reason behind that other than we’ve found in previous years to be a bit of a push while also being actually achievable. 

Picking the right goal

That’s the first challenge, picking the right target to aim at and the right “score” to keep track of. 

Set goals too small – you’re never tested or forced to consider what you need to start and stop. 

Set goals too big – you never have a chance of hitting it or even getting close, leading to feeling demoralised and frustrated. 

The second challenge is turning a goal into something you can actually do

Writing down, “grow revenue by 40%” does nothing apart from make us feel a bit excited. 

Revenue is just a score you can measure. 

It’s the result of running a system or set of systems. 

Things we do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. 

And that’s where the planning comes in. 

Turning The Goal Into A System

We chunk things into quarters and then blocks of 4 weeks. 

For each quarter we set some specific targets for number of clients, ad spend, number of leads etc. 

And then we decide on what the weekly and daily process looks like to hit those targets. 

This is often a bit of an educated guess, but we can adjust it every 4 weeks based on progress. 

For example, we may decide in a quarter we need 1,000 leads. 

– We need to create X new ads 

– We need to send X emails 

– We need X new podcasts and youtube videos. 

And, based on what we’ve seen in the past, this should allow us to hit the target. 

After we’ve done this exercise ALL we focus on is how adherent we’re being with the daily & weekly processes…and how we can get better with them. 

If we fail, its only for one of two reasons: 

1. We picked the wrong actions to slot into the daily, weekly and monthly system.

2. We got distracted and didn’t actually consistently implement the system. 

After all, that’s all you can actually do. 

If we grow revenue by 40% this year, it will only come as a result of the processes and system we consistently deploy throughout the year. 

That’s it. 

Deciding WHAT to do in the first place

Of course the hard part is figuring out how to turn a goal like “30 online clients” into a set of weekly and daily actions. 

It’s so hard in fact it took us years to condense this process into the course & coaching process that is our 12 week PropaneBusiness programme. 

You get 12 weeks of step-by-step, guidance chunking everything down + all the help, support and 121 coaching you need. 

All you need to do is take the steps and execute them each week – the results take care of themselves. 

Want our help this year with setting up, systematising and scaling an online fitness programme? 

Click here to schedule a time to see if and how we can help you do that. 

– Jonny

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