How AI can help you become a profitable online coach

By Johnny and Yusef

Find out how you can make the most of AI to profit as an online coach.

By now, everyone’s heard about some of the recent advances in AI. And at this point it’s absolutely impossible to deny the role it will play in our modern world.

We’re seeing the potential of computers to fully understand natural language and produce much better output. AI tools have revolutionised the way online coaches work, allowing them to produce content faster and more efficiently. But this begs the question:

“Is my job as an online coach at risk because of AI?”

Luckily, no.

AI cannot replace the human touch that online coaches provide. But it will change the way you work forever.

Read on to find out out how online coaches can leverage AI to become more profitable, save time and headache, and improve their branding.

How AI Tools can help you as an online coach

Since we started leveraging AI tools in our own business, we’ve reduced editing time by 90%. Videos that took us 6-7 hours to edit now take us 30 minutes.

And the natural language processing it allows is frighteningly good.

You can now basically have full-blown conversations with AI, while image processing can generate images from text prompts. There’s even speech recognition and transcription. All of this combined might make you question why AI is not coming for your job.

People still want the Human Touch

Despite the potential of AI, people still need a human touch when it comes to coaching.

As an online coach, you have three sources of value:

  • Information
  • Accountability
  • Objectivity

People need someone to tell them when they miss their macros. And a notification on your screen telling you that you’ve skipped the gym doesn’t have the same impact as your coach pointing this out.

But it does automate a lot of the stuff we’d rather not spend hours on.

The benefits of leveraging AI

Leveraging AI can help online coaches so much with automation, including helping with:

  • content planning
  • content outline
  • angle generation
  • image editing
  • thumbnail making
  • instagram carousels
  • video editing

It can also help generate content ideas and outline video scripts.

So, those who ignore the benefits of AI are going to fall behind. And those who leverage AI the best will be the most successful.

If you’re good at what you do and you have good judgement, AI can help you become more profitable – it’s all about using it in an intelligent way. You can still make all the final judgement calls, but let AI do all the grunt work for you.

What else do you need to be a successful online coach?

Remember that AI is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to be successful as an online coach, you still need to be able to reliably:

  • generate leads
  • close sales
  • coach clients at scale
  • have the underlying productivity, software and tech to support the whole thing.

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