Why you can’t rely on social media to promote your online coaching programme

By Johnny and Yusef

We will often see online personal trainers taking to social media to promote an online programme.

Some will struggle from day 1 and revert back to offline coaching. Others will see some initial success before entering an online “no man’s land”. 

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You can’t rely on social media alone to promote an online programme

They might find that they have 2-10 online clients paying low rates. 

But the challenge is growing past this point. Particularly when these clients are taking up a big chunk of their time. 

Lots of online coaches soon find that they’ve reached the limit of what they can do with their social media following. 

A social media following alone probably won’t be enough for you to scale back on offline clients. 

And unlike offline coaching, we can’t rely on word of mouth and referrals. 

It’s one thing to tell your friend to join you at a local gym. 

But it’s another thing to tell them to sign up with an online coach. 

A photo of a personal trainer at the gym
Unlike offline coaches, online coaches can’t rely on word of mouth and referrals. 

 Essentially, you have three options:

  • Grow your audience and following 
  • Give up
  • Create a customer journey to convert strangers into customers

We teach the third option to our clients at PropaneBusiness, because it’s what’s been working for us for years. Here’s how we do it. 

14-day Challenge 

We build a 14-day journey for prospective clients to work through, which helps them to learn about us and our coaching.  

It also takes them through why we can help them, and gives them access to free information and guidance. 

From here, the next logical step is our programme. 

Once this works, we can use paid advertising as a reliable way to bring in more clients. 

Because as long as you provide a good service, clients will be happy to work with you for several months, or longer. 

This gives you a marketing funnel that:

  • you can be proud of
  • you’re showing to new people around the world every day,
  • uses ads to draw in online clients when you need them. 

And using a tried-and-tested approach is a lot more likely to get the results you want than posting your breakfast and workouts on Instagram for 30 days straight. 

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