Why do people fail on the Propane Business programme?

As coaches and trainers, we help clients reach their goal of achieving £3-10K per month from a recurring base of monthly group coaching clients.

This goal should be achievable if you have:

  • An ability to coach people and help them get results
  • A good product market fit
  • A good niche

We’ve worked with plenty of clients who have gone on to have great success in their online personal training business. But not everyone manages to achieve this result.

So, what are the factors that prevent people from reaching this outcome?

Here are some of the main reasons.

Lack of ability to coach

The primary factor in failing to achieve the desired income is a lack of ability to coach. Regardless of how well you market something, it will be difficult to achieve success without this core skill.

Our programme doesn’t teach topics like nutrition, physiology of metabolism or exercise physiology, because we assume that you’ve come to us with some degree of expertise in your field.

What the program does teach is how to put your expertise in front of the right people.

Being able to coach and deliver results is the biggest driver of profitability.

As a coach, your goal is to retain as many clients as possible, and have them stay for months and years. Because your recurring revenue base is where most of your profit will come from.

Not following the programme (and not asking for help)

Things like internal blockages or hang-ups around selling can contribute to clients not sticking to the programme.

But following the programme step-by-step will mean that by the end of the 12 weeks, the system will be up-and-running. This means that you’ll be able to pull the lever on the ad spend once you know that all the different moving parts are converting effectively.

You have to really want to do it, because nobody else is going to do the work for you. But support is there if you need it.

Everyone hits setbacks, and things can go wrong when you’re taking the leap to online coaching. But making sure your ego doesn’t get in the way of you asking for help is key to succeeding.

You can’t just wing it and hope things work – you need to understand what’s working and what isn’t. We can help by providing insight into what’s going right and feedback to help you fix what isn’t working, so that you can tweak things over time until everything is running smoothly.

Not believing in your own product

You have to believe that you’ve got a good core product that can solve the problem of your audience.

Getting yourself online and putting money behind your product – for example, through ads – tells people that you really believe in what you’re offering. Because you’re willing to pay to put yourself in front of people.

We know that if you’ve already got a large following, it’s easier for your content to gain momentum. But some people are afraid to post content, because they worry that what they’re sharing won’t stand out.

The great thing about channels like YouTube is that if you are posting about something that really is good and meets the needs of your audience, the algorithm will take care of the rest.

The benefits of moving online

A photo of a personal trainer in a gym
Moving your coaching online helps you reach a wider audience while achieving a more sustainable work-life balance.

One of the biggest reasons we see good coaches leaving the fitness industry is the lifestyle that comes with offline training. When you wake up at 4am and finish at 10pm, and don’t bring in a great income, it’s just not sustainable. But coaching is a skill that has such a wide social impact. Moving online is a great way to make your skills and talent available to a wider audience, while achieving a more sustainable work-life balance.

You just need to have a passion for what you do, and be willing to put in the hard work.

How we can help

If this sounds like you, you can learn more about how to build and deliver a profitable online programme to your clients by downloading our free training video.

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