Why “Busy professionals” is NOT a niche in online coaching

If you’ve switched to online coaching, you might have spent some time thinking about your niche.

What do you think is the most profitable niche for online coaching?

Busy professionals?

New mums?

Men in their 30s looking to get abs for summer?

It’s not actually any of these. And there’s a good chance that if your niche is any of these, you’re going about things in completely the wrong way.

Why do you need a niche?

Having a niche doesn’t mean that suddenly clients will come rolling in with no effort.

There’ll always be someone else out there, doing what you’re doing.

But you have to find a way to stand out and do it better.

You do this by picking a person who has a problem that you know you can solve.

How do you attract the right audience?

A photo of Jonny and Yusef, founders of Propane

Attracting potential clients is a war for attention. When everyone’s scrolling through their instagram feed at lightening speed, you’ve got at most 5 seconds to make someone feel like you’ve read their mind.

Because the goal of your niche is to inform your content and ad copy so that someone feels as though you’re speaking directly to them.

To do this, you need to understand:

  • the person
  • the outcome they’re looking for
  • the problems they’ve experienced in trying to get to that outcome

So, you need to create ad copy that vividly describes the specific frustrations that someone has trying to make their diet plan work. This will have a much bigger impact than guy messaging anyone with an Instagram account and a wallet.

How do you find your niche?

We teach coaches to pick a past version of themselves. Imagine you could talk to yourself… five years ago.

You’d be able to give that person a strategy from day one to stop them from going off-track.

And they’d hit their goals much faster.

Imagine all the wasted time and unnecessary stress you could save them. That’s worth a lot of money.

So, when creating your niche, think about the conversation you would have with that past version of yourself.

There’s nobody better to serve this niche. Because you already know:

  • the roadblocks for your niche
  • how to solve them

You can watch this video to hear more about why it’s so important to pick the right niche.

What to do next

If you’re ready to get clarity on who your niche is, build an automated marketing engine, and create a system to coach those clients, we’re here to help. You can book in a chat with us here if you’d like to speak to one of us at Propane about how we can help you grow your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work first, visit this link for some free online training that takes you behind the scenes of Propane.

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