Why Joe Wicks is making more money than you as a fitness coach

Joe Wicks, “The Body Coach” is doing pretty well as an online coach right now, I think you’ll agree? 

If you’ve not heard of him – in the UK he’s an online personal trainer who is on TV pretty frequently. 

Has multiple best selling recipe books. 

A LOT of online clients. 

Even his own kitchen-ware range. 

It’s safe to say, he’s doing better than pretty much every single online coach at the moment. 

And that tiggers the hell out of a lot of PTs. 

“That Joe Wicks kid is only 33…I have so much more experience than him” 

“I’ve coaches more clients in person than him – he shouldn’t be getting the attention he is” 

“His advice and recipe books are TERRIBLE, he shouldn’t be getting the attention he is.” 

There’s a phrase that Yusef loves from his investment banking days…

“The market doesn’t care” 

No matter what YOU or I think of Joe’s ability as a coach – he’s making a few quid with online coaching. 

And this proves what we say so often that the market doesn’t care about: 

How many letters you have after your name. 

Which online nutrition course you’ve done. 

Which podcasts you were own or who tagged you in a “best articles of the week” list. 

^^^ The ONLY people who give a sh*t about that, are other PTs. 

The fitness industry is trapped inside this weird little bubble where they think that this stuff matters. 

When, in the background with NONE of that, the Body Coach brand is growing exponentially. 

Why is this? 

What gives? 

Put simply – Joe is a marketer. 

He knows how to transform people and get results (sure, you may not agree with his methods). 

BUT he knows how to communicate with the market place way better than you…and THAT is what is preventing you from making the progress you want whether its online or offline. 

My honest advice, when it comes to learning and growing. 

Ditch the extra nutrition cert. 

Cancel the extra Kettlebell certification. 

Devote the same time, money and energy into learning: 

*How to communicate a message to leads and customers so that you stand out in the news feed. 

*How to get clients and serve clients online so that you can reduce your offline hours and reclaim some freedom

*How to succeed WITHOUT being an online celebrity. 

Here’s the thing…you don’t need to be on national TV to be an online coach. 

Far from it. 

The difference between coaches who succeed and coaches who don’t is the ability to market and sell services – NOT how many hours of CPD you’ve done or how many qualifications you have. 

And that’s why marketing and selling is the first thing we focus on with every client who steps into our world. Find out more on how we help PTs to market their services and serve more people here.


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