How we’re different from other business mentors

By Johnny and Yusef

We speak to a lot of personal trainers who want to move their business online, and a question we’ll often hear is:

How are you guys different from other business mentors?

There’s a lot of rubbish mentoring in our industry. And don’t think you’ll find a better option than us.

But we also don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

We want to give you a framework to spot red flags and spot a ‘cowboy’ business mentor.

And we also want to tell you how we’re different… and how you can verify that for yourself.

You can hear about this in more detail in a previous video called ‘How to Spot a Dodgy Fitness Coach’, but here are some red flags to look out for:

Red flag #1: The mentor hasn’t done it themselves

They might be telling you how to build an online fitness business, but they haven’t been through the process of being an online coach themselves. You don’t necessarily need to have experience in something to teach it.

But it does help.

And a mentor having experience of acquiring business through marketing isn’t the same as selling personal training online to consumers.

There are different processes, systems and price points for each type of business.

So, you should expect the mentor you choose to have a track record in your industry.

Red flag #2: They only teach organic strategies

A photo of someone posting to Instagram
Beware of coaches who only teach organic strategies.

You should be cautious of any mentor who only teaches fluffy organic strategies with no measurable return.

If this is all they teach, how will you know whether or not you’re making progress?

There are all sorts of variables influencing someone’s organic growth; they’re likely to be different for everyone.

This makes organic strategies very hard to teach.

And applying organic methods in the same way that someone else does won’t guarantee your own success.

Red flag #3: They have no method

Another red flag is the mentor having no method.

You’ve probably been told to finesse your captions, post more frequently, and design templates for posting on social media.

But these aren’t business strategies. There’s no method there – these things might work, and they might not.

If a mentor teaches 50 people and their advice works for ten, they’ll argue that the other 40 just weren’t putting in enough effort and time.

With these things being impossible to measure, it’s an easy get-out clause for mentors when their clients don’t see results.

Red flag #4: Only getting results for influencers

If the mentor is only getting results for people who are already influencers in the space, this is a major red flag.


Because these clients already have a large following, and they probably already have a lot of their own systems and processes in place.

And the mentor is introducing a high-ticket element to someone who’s already got a large organic reach. All this is doing is capitalising on the highest-converting 1-2% of that audience.

There’s no long term value there.

And no guarantee of you replicating the same thing yourself.

And just because someone’s made £20K with a guru one month, it doesn’t mean that they’ve done that consistently in the following months.

Remember that however you price your own coaching, you need to know that you can generate a sustainable income every month.

Find out more about some of the issues of high-ticket coaching in this article.

Red flag #5: Only offering platitudes

Beware of any business mentor whose advice – especially on social media – is just motivational, feel-good fluff that will have no impact on your business. A good mentor will offer a tried-and-tested method.

Successful businesses run on numbers and data. Because you need a workflow and a system to get someone results.

So, how are we different?

A photo of Jonny and Yusef, founders of Propane
We help you pinpoint exactly what’s going well and what to fix to help things run more smoothly.

We differ from other mentors because we provide you with tools, big picture strategies, and methods.

We look at your business as a whole and focus on your ability to get leads, close those leads into sales, coach clients, and deliver your service to them.

We won’t just look at how often you post on social media and leave everything else to fate.

We’ll take you through things step-by-step, so that you can get a solid lead-generation system in place and start automating more of your processes.

This helps you to get everything running smoothly and seamlessly, so that you can focus on the thing you joined this industry for:

coaching clients and keeping them happy.

We also provide you with a feedback loop to monitor your progress, troubleshoot problems and improve your process. Because we know that having a full overview of your whole business will help you identify what’s going well.

And pinpoint exactly what needs fixing to help everything run more smoothly.

Without a proper feedback loop, you’re just shooting in the dark and hoping things will work.

The reason we can offer such targeted support is that we’ve made all the mistakes that new coaches make. And over time this has allowed us to develop our full business process from start to finish.

This is the value we bring: You can spend years figuring these things out yourself and will probably figure it out in the end. But we can use our own experience to get you there a lot faster.

How we can help you

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